Another one of my favorite shows, it was cancelled due to Nickelodeon's insipid decision that no series should go beyond 65 episodes. Prior to my writing a fanfiction about it, there were only two other people on the web who had done so (well three, but I don't count obscene USENET postings as legitimate fan fiction).

Pulp Clarissa
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It's been a semester since Clarissa left home for college. Now she's come home for summer break-- but nothing's the same anymore!

This story takes place after the end of the failed CEIA spinoff pilot, Clarissa. I took it upon myself, as I usually do when writing fanfics, to tie up all the loose ends I find dangling in the series.

So even though this story tracks Quentin Tarentino's Pulp Fiction script almost word for word, I have inserted numerous scenes to explain things as anal as why the Darling house staircase shifted position in between seasons one and two.

The hardest part about doing this fic was finding, shall we say, creative ways to get around the profanity, drug use and violence which was Pulp Fiction. But I did it. Although, I did leave in the exploding head sequence. You'll just have to see how I caused it to come about. :)

While the rest of us CEIA fanfic authors contented ourselves with one-shot stories, John Porter took it upon himself to make a whole new series, which he envisioned would stand on its own. Blending high-action anime and sitcom humour, he called this Go! Go! Superstar Clarissa. Regrettably, he decided to stop development on it after writing many good stories.

This led me to the interesting situation of wanting to write a fanfic based on someone else's derivation of the CEIA series. It would serve to "wrap up" the series. (Geez, a lot of my fanfics seem to want to serve that purpose. I suppose I hate loose ends.)

Currently, I'm still talking to John about the story. If all goes well, it will be up here before too long.

As a present for scrolling down this far... This typeface I made is based on the character set created by Don St. Mars, which can be seen in the various computer graphics used on the show, as well as in the book, "Clarissa's All-In-One Perfect Complete Book of Everything Important (until I change my Mind)".

It's not a perfect duplication, since St. Mars' type was probably hand-written each time it was used (whether on the digital paintbox or for the book), but I think it's a reasonable approximation of Clarissa's handwriting as he created it.

Format: Windows 95 Truetype
Size: 78kb

Download the zipped version.

Note: This font is Copyright © 1999 Sushil K. Rudranath, and is freeware. It may be freely downloaded and redistributed so long as no charge is made for it. ENJOY!